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GPD's Project Design methods and tools have been demonstrated in aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, construction, telecom, financial, clinical studies, software, I.T., and global services.

Some case studies are described in the web pages selected on the left.
These cases and more can also be downloaded in PDF format below.

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Engineering PM Capability Assessment

Commercial and Industrial Systems

Engineering Project Standards and Transformation

Energy and Petrochemical

Global Services Rollout

I.T. and Telecom

Strategic Technologies Deployment

Energy and Petrochemical

Post-Merger Transformation  

I.T. and Telecom

Global Technology Transfer

Commerical Systems

Cross-Functional Product Development 

Industrial Equipment

New Product Introduction

Consumer Electronics

Complex I.T. Transformation

Customer Support Services

I.T. System Upgrade and Rollout

I.T. and Telecom

Weekly Project Design Insights

Industrial Equipment

Schedule Recovery

Industrial Equipment


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