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TeamPort is a software platform that provides unique insights and capabilities for teams. Based on years of research and industrial deployment, Teamport has proven unique capabilities:

  • Visual capture of an integrated product, process, and organization model
  • Analysis of real-world scope, risk, dependence, progress, utilization, and coordination
  • Simple intuitive interfaces for cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration
  • Secure global access through a Private or Public Cloud

Rapidly generate full baseline plans that capture a project's architecture including scope, teams, roles, workflow, and complex dependencies. In hours consider multiple scenarios with trade-off of progress, schedule, and costs. Integrate risk mitigation and ongoing coordination into plans. As progress is made and things change, easily adjust and re-design the project.

  • Forecasts of complex projects are generated early.  Displaces ad-hoc or inefficient early planning.
  • Cuts planning from weeks to days with at least 35% more accuracy than traditional methods.
  • Consider scenarios for coordination, teaming, concurrency, priorities, & scope leading to shorter, cost effective, and higher quality projects.  20% or more  total cost/ time savings on complex projects.

Team sessions become dialogue on analyzed trade-offs and options.  Teams and managers proactively identify key issues, prioritize courses of action, and focus on opportunities for best performance.

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TeamPort Software complements existing project management and collaboration tools.  The methods and software are valuable immediately on key projects, then incrementally adopted as needed. GPD customers are up and running in hours  with no need for burdensome enterprise deployments.

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